SFSwell (Share for Swell) quietly & privately curates the best SFS groups with matching interest groups, complementary aesthetics, and sharing synergy to allow for the most enjoyable and profitable experience.  

Yes, you do have to apply for SFSwell.  That’s because SFSwell isn’t for everyone.  SFSwell is right for you if you put some real thought, effort, and a little bit of artistry into what you post.  

If you want your social feed to grow but you don’t want a bunch of followers from all over that don’t really even care if you post, don’t give any thoughtful commentary, and won’t ever convert into any tangible ROI.  

If you’re pining to get real, engaged followers that care about what you’re posting, comment, and share about what you’re doing online.  Then SFSwell might be for you!

SFSwell Beta Testimonials

The boost you get from having quality users regularly engage with your content is immediately recognizable in the growth of my engagement and follower numbers
Sfswell user
SFSwell Beta User
When you’re working to make and share your best content it feels good to have it recognized by people that appreciate what you’re doing. That’s what I like best about SFSwell. I’m getting engagement and followers that have real interest in what I’m posting
SFSwell Beta User
I’d been trying to find a quality SFS pod to join after a few of them just didn’t work out for me. SFSwell is just what I needed - A quality, engaged SFS pod of creators that consistently likes, comments, and reposts each other’s content
SFSwell Beta User